Touch Screen 1000W FM Transmitter  

Touch Screen 1000W FM Transmitter 1. Overview 1000W/LIGHT stereo FM radio transmitter is an integrated high-quality FM transmitter that stereo-encodes the input left and right channel audio signals and adjusts the FM modulation to the broadcast band, then RF amplify to the 1000W output power for wireless broadcasting. The transmitter adopts the most advanced software radio technology to achieve the international leading level of product performance indicators.   With a new large-scale field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS) technology at up to 5G, the product achieves the highest technical specifications in the industry to date, providing listeners with a CD-like sound experience. Technical specifications 1.Nominal emission frequency :87MHz~108MHz  (other frequencies can be customized), stepping 10kHz 2.Carrier frequency tolerance : ±200Hz 3.Output power : 0~1000W continuously adjustable 4.Output po…


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