2000W FM Transmitter for Radio Station  

2000W FM Transmitter for Radio Station FM 100W to 2000W are fully digital transmitters for analog FM, designed for FM broadcasting within the low and medium power range. Engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding network operators and stations, 2000W FM Transmitter combine reliable performance, high efficiency of up to 76%, and advanced technology into a compact, yet modular 2U or 3U chassis design.  With their industry-leading design, they host a multitude of onboard features including SmartFM, a patented technology for up to 40% energy savings, making them unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency. Also fully featured for local maintenance and configuration, the Ecreso FM 100W-2000W allow extensive remote control by Web server, SNMP, RS232 or GPIOs. FM broadcasters - experience the highest quality audio, always-on broadcasting, and the lowest total cost of ownership.  Features:  · Hearing similar to CD  · All-digital technolog…


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