YXHT 500W FM Transmitter for Radio Station  

YXHT 500W FM Transmitter for Radio Station The 500W FM transmitter system is a professional Stereo transmitter with on-board stereo generator, advanced audio processing/limiter, and covers the entire 87.5-108 MHz Broadcast Band.The FMT11-500 Transmitter, features a highly efficient, fully solid state FM-modulated transmitter with up to 600W output. Advanced digital circuitry protects the system against high reflection, voltage overload, high SWR, high temperature, over current, short circuit, over modulation. All of the transmitters parameters are displayed on our large digital front panel control.The units amplifier (BLF574) is mounted to a massive 14″x10″x2″ heat sink and force cooled by an industrial fan system delivering 177cfm with a low 50dB noise level and filtered through our 2kW silver coiled Low Pass Filter.Advanced FM Technology places the FMT11-500A in the range of Crown Broadcast but at a fraction of the price, we believe our complete range of D&M transmi…


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