500 Watt Frequency Modulation Transmitter  

500 Watt Frequency Modulation Transmitter 500 Watt FM transmitteris a compact FM stereo broadcasting transmitters. The advanced digital technologies, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Digital Direct Synthesizer (DDS), are used in the transmitters to get little size, high performance and high reliability. They are widely used for professional radio stations to transmit high quality FM radio programs. The transmitter implements digital FM modulator module as its core, combining with RF power amplifier. In the transmitter, DSP& DDS are used to execute all-digital processing, such as digital filtering, pre-emphasis, the generation of pilot frequency, stereo coding and FM modulating. A AGC circuit is used to keep the set power stable. High performance and very good reliability has been proved by the large usage of 500W FM transmitters.Also it is low cost and small size. Equipments included: 1.One 500W FM Transmitte 2.One Dipole Antenna 3.One 30M Coaxia…


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