WiFi 2500 lumen Portable Projector with Battery  

Can a projector run on battery? The L7 WiFi 2500 lumen Portable Projector with Battery is a fully functional portable projector. The L7 Home Entertainment Portable Projector With Battery projects bright, clear Full HD images up to 100", has a built-in battery pack that provides up to three hours of use on a single charge, and has an Android TV built in, so this smart Portable projector are as easy to use as regular TVs. This Support 1080p 3D Movie Portable Projector is easy to use, and autofocus and keystone correction ensure always sharp and regularly shaped images. You can get around this by casting content directly to the projector from your phone, laptop or tablet. All in all, a very good Portable Projector With Battery. The picture quality will be better and there are other features too. (There are three versions of the L7 portable home projector, this one is the battery version.)

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