Solar Galvanized Bracket Solar Mounting Bracket  

The steel solar installation system creates an economical solution and is very rugged, ideal for photovoltaic projects on open fields. Its simplest design is to use the most commonly used galvanized steel as beams and guides, making it very suitable for various system sizes and modular configurations. The strong steel structure helps to maximize the span between foundations, thereby reducing the total number of supports. In addition, the steel terrain is compatible with anchor bolts, optimized for different terrains, and saves the cost of on-site modification. Advantages : 1. Suitable for various panel sizes and terrain 2. Pre-assembled structure saves installation time 3. Flexible installation to adapt to different wind loads 4. Good compatibility 5. Sturdy and reliable structure Installation Instruction for ground mounting system: 1. Choose the foundation according to the requirements, concrete foundation or grounding screw; 2. Install front and rear feet, beam connector,…


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