Solar Mounting Structure for Agriculture Solar Farm  

There are huge area for farmers, utilize these spaces for solar power would great benefit for peasants Our solar farm mounting system can offer great PV module installing solution for farm lands . PV solar farms can be large scale in field, desert or pasture . Solar modules are installing high above ground, this can guarantee use of sun power but not effect growth of crops . With our quick installing mounting structure, hundreds of solar panels can mount on farms easily . Rapid payback with our professional and economic farm use PV module mounting kits . Our certain interval row arrangement can keep enough sunlight to ground for photosynthesis, since our agriculture farmland mounting structure are made of pipes and rows of PV modules . Advantages of farm solar ground mount systems: 1. Cost effective with clean, sustainable sun energy power system; 2. Help energy saving, refuse fuel / gas ; 3. Revolution affordable agriculture solar power mounting system ; 4. 20 years up…


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