Professional punching bag making machine  

Professional punching bag making machine Product Usage: This machine is professionally suitable for cutting non-woven fabrics, films, paper materials, and is widely used in bag making, printing and packaging industries, etc. Features: 1. The equipment adopts microcomputer control, stepping motor to drag material, arbitrary fixed length, photoelectric tracking and cutting. 2. The unwinding is equipped with a tension control device, and the slices are neat and free of burrs. 3. High-quality DC motor photoelectric control feeding. 4. Frequency conversion control of the equipment host. 5. The wiring specifications of the electrical parts are reasonable, clean, safe and easy to operate. High-speed folding machine 6. The overall frame is made of international shaped steel, and the surface is treated with rust prevention. All table plates of the machine must be treated with rust prevention spray paint. The frame welding size is accurate, the bracket is properly reinforce…

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