Round bottom bag cutting machine  

Round bottom bag cutting machine product description: 1. Chain conveyor belt: red silicone tube plus PTFE tube. Long service life, more stable conveying, and better protection of shrinking products. It has a large bearing capacity and is more durable. 2. Comes with import and export heat insulation boards, which are not easy to burn, safe and durable: heat insulation boards are added on both sides of the shrinking furnace. On the basis of ensuring convenience, we pursue safer use. 3. Comes with protective nets, and two side heat insulation boards are safer: the stainless steel radiating pipes are equipped with protective nets, which can prevent objects from touching the heating pipes when the machine is working, avoid scalding, and protect the shrinking products. 4. Movable casters: The movable caster design of the sealing machine makes the movement more convenient, and the mobile machinery is easy and labor-saving. The casters are equipped with brakes, and they are fixed fir…

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