Professional Long Bag Side Sealing Machine  

Professional Long Bag Side Sealing Machine Features: 1. The whole machine adopts microcomputer control, and the stepper motor drags the material (optional servo motor control system); 2. Arbitrary fixed length, step-length photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic shutdown when label is lost, and photoelectric control of feeding; 3. Automatic counting and counting alarm can be set; no tension bag making machine 4. Automatic constant tension makes the sealing of the bag more firm and smooth. Features: 1. Equipped with two servo motor control systems, computer control, PLC touch screen display and Panasonic photoelectric eye tracking control, the operation is intuitive and convenient, and two color printing bags can be produced at the same time. 2. The main machine adopts imported frequency converter to simulate speed regulation and automatic feeding system to make the bag making stable and the sealing and cutting accurate. Automatic punching machine f…

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