Edge sealing bag cutting machine  

Edge sealing bag cutting machine product description: This machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of beverage packaging, mineral water label sleeves, wine label bottle sleeves, candy packaging, self-adhesive, paper, hamburger paper and other different materials to cut horizontally. Front sealing bag cutting machine Features: 1. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and a stepping motor drags the material. 2. Arbitrary fixed length, step length photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic shutdown when the label is lost. 3. Automatic counting and counting alarm can be set, frequency conversion speed regulation, power saving. Front sealing bag cutting machine 4. It has the functions of flat cutting, special-shaped cutting, pressing dotted line, and automatic gluing strip. Features: 1. Equipped with two servo motor control systems, computer control, PLC touch screen display and Panasonic photoelectric eye tracking control, the operation is i…

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