1.2 inch single digit led display  

Feature of 1.2 inch single digit led display Digit height: 1.2 inch with different colors Dimensions: 28.8*40.8*9 mm Digit quantity: One Digit Emitting color: high bright red/yellow green/yellow/amber/high bright blue/high bright white/pure green Surface color: black/gray  Epoxy colors: red, milky, blue, green and more Polarity: common anode/common cathode Operating temperature range: -20+80 degree Celsius THKIYPI:ark-ft We already built one industry chain,our ARK not only making led display,in up line ,we  invest the REF factory ,so we make sure the raw materials’ quality and cost,in down  line,we invest PCBA factory,so we can give you one-stop option.Such as making  integrated display,making glowing soluti…


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