7 segment Customized LED Display of air conditioner  

Digit height: Customized LED Display Dimensions: Customized LED Display Digit quantity:Customized LED Display Available Emitting color: high bright red/yellow green/yellow/amber/high bright blue/high bright white/pure green Surface color: black/gray (white epoxy) Epoxy colors: red, milky, blue, green and more Polarity: common anode/common cathode Operating temperature range: -20+60 degree Celsius S-K-Y-P-E:arkjudy Part No: Customized LED Display Digit height: none Dimensions: 7*4*1.2 mm Digit quantity: Customized LED Display Available Emitting color: Red/Yellow Green/Yellow/Amber/Blue/White/Pure Green Surface color: Black/Gray (white epoxy)…


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