Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell PFSA Membrane N21x  

Proton Exchange Membrane  Fuel Cell PFSA Membrane N21x     N-21 series proton exchange membrane is a single component perfluorinated sulfonic acid H type perfluorinated ion membrane product produced  by using the steel strip casting method. Perfluorinated ion membranes are used as solid electrolytes to separate anode and cathode in various electrolytes and batteries     As a solid electrolyte separating anode and cathode in various electrolytic cells and cells, The membrane has the property of one-way passage of cation. Due to the use of polytetrafluorin as the main chain, the most suitable molecular weight and ion exchange capacity can be adjusted, so the membrane has the characteristics of chemical resistance and durability. Widely used in: vanadium cell, liquid flow cell, fuel cell, electrolytic water hydrogen production and other fields.    Thickness and weight   Type…


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