Hot sale Outdoor Portable Power Station 500W 1000W  

         Fast Recharging Choices: The lithium battery can be not only recharged by AC outlet and Type-C outlet but also charged by solar panel(not included) or by plugging into your car socket, then you will be able to tell when they need a recharge by looking at the easy-to read LCD display.         This product is a portable multifunctional energy storage power supply. It embedded high-efficiency power lithium-ion battery and a safe lithium battery management system (BMS), high-efficiency energy conversion circuit, and wrapped by a high-strength aluminum alloy body shell. The product has been repeatedly tested and verified by the company's R&D team for a long time, and has obtained international certifications such as CE\FCC\ROSH\PSE\UN38.3. With top-notch design and mature production control, they are safe and reliable. It can be powered by solar power, on-board power generator, and city grid. The product has the char…

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