Horizontal Common Mode Inductive Filter  

A horizontal common mode inductor is a type of inductor that is designed to suppress common mode noise in electronic circuits. It is called "horizontal" because the windings are laid out parallel to the circuit board, as opposed to being wound vertically. Common mode noise is a type of electromagnetic interference (EMI) that occurs when unwanted signals are present on both conductors of a transmission line. This can lead to problems such as data corruption, signal degradation, and even damage to electronic components. A common mode inductor works by creating a high impedance path for common mode noise to flow through, while allowing normal signals to pass through unaffected. The horizontal layout of the windings in a common mode inductor helps to minimize the parasitic capacitance and inductance that can arise in a vertical layout, which can reduce the effectiveness of the inductor. Horizontal common mode inductors are commonly used in power supplies, motor drives, and other appli…

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