Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor 45PP3-8  

Product description When the shape of the diaphragm changes due to the common rail fuel pressure (about 1mm at 150mpa), the resistance value on the diaphragm changes accordingly and creates a voltage change in the resistance bridge on the 5V supply. The voltage varies from 0 to 70mV, depending on fuel pressure, and is amplified to 0.5 to 4.5V via an evaluation circuit. Accurate measurement of common rail fuel pressure is necessary for the normal operation of the injection system. Therefore, the allowable deviation of diesel pressure sensor when measuring pressure is very small, and the measurement accuracy is about ±2% of the maximum value in the main working range. When the diesel pressure sensor is damaged or malfunctioning, the ecu with emergency stroke function will control the opening of the pressure regulator to a predetermined fixed value. Specializing in the manufacture of absolute pressure sensor intake manifold, diesel pressure sensor, engineering hydraul…


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