Amazon Hot Sale YYK 530 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone  

Amazon Hot Sale YYK-530 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone  Wireless earphones are headphones that connect to a device, such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer, or other electronic devices without using a wire or cable.The YYK-530 wireless Bluetooth Headphone is the latest type of earphone YYK series.Multi process design of earphone body to achieve Grade VII waterproof,no fear of rain and sweat .True wireless stereo Bluetooth headset,medical grade silicone ear hook ,comfortable to wear without falling.HiFi sound quality,give you a special feeling. Wisesir focus on the design and production of all kinds of earphones.TWS earphone,bone earphone,headphone,etc..As well provide you with professional OEM / ODM "one-stop" service.

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