3 Phase killowatt meter multi-rate for commercial building  

DTS1946-4P A three phase kilowatt meter with RS485 interface. This is a 4 din module design energy meter with LCD display and control buttons on the dashboard. Complied with the IEC62053-22, the DTS1946-4P 3 phase kilowatt meter equipped with a performance metering chip set provides electric parameters and energy consumption value in Class 1. ■ Smart equipment ■ Intelligent building ■ Public facility ■ Industrial and mining enter enterprise ■ Panel Factory Elecnova Electric is committed to power monitoring, power quality improvement, electric safety products, and industrial automation products development since 1998. Our popular products are very diverse, such as: Multifunctional Power Meter, Active Harmonic Filter, Motor Controller and Power Management System, etc. Our distribution network is spread to the major economy districts globally. Elecnova Electric and its distributors are de…

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