Stainless Steel Air Motor 1AM-V-S-113  

Stainless Steel Air Motor 1AM-V-S-113 1. Product model: Stainless Steel Air Motor 1AM-V-S-113   2. Product Features: *Hongxin produces and sells standard conventional vane air motors of 0.33KW-7KW , and can also provide OEM or customized motor services, each motor has a unique product identification, which can be traced back to specific professional assembly workers; * Hongxin vane air motor has simple structure, small size, light weight, high horsepower, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Because of its water resistance, fire resistance, explosion-proof, explosion-proof and dustproof, and high-speed rotation, it will not burn the machine and generate heat, so it is suitable for Substitute motors for work in harsh environments such as humidity, high temperature, and high dust; *The Hongxin vane air motor series can realize stepless speed regulati…


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