Pv Module Double Glass Pv Module  

PV Monocrystalline Solar Module. Half Cut Cell Solar Module Our mono solar module assembled with bifacial perc cells and half-cell coniguration,these double glass solar modules have the capability of converting the incident light from the rear side together with the front side into electricty. providing higher output power, lower temperature coefficient,less shading loss, as well as enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading. And the Mono solar module has the Low light performance. Using excellent glass and texture surface making of solar cell, outstanding performance can be obtained in low light condition. Adaptability of harsh environment. Corrosion tests have certified in high salt fog and high ammonia environment. Solar Panel Factory Information Q&A Q: What is your delivery date? A: 5-15 days after confirmed the order. Q: What are the terms of payment in your formal trade? A: T/T, 50% deposit to confirm…

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