New Energy Wiring Harness  

Energy storage mainly refers to the storage of electrical energy, which can be generally understood as a large power bank, which stores the electrical energy that is not usually used and releases it when it is used. The existing energy storage equipment includes: ① pumped water storage belonging to hydropower, flywheel energy storage belonging to wind power, etc.; ② power battery, lead-acid battery, lithium ion battery, etc. belonging to the new energy industry; ③ electromagnetic energy storage belonging to the power equipment industry. energy, such as supercapacitors, superconducting energy storage, etc. This wire harness is a customized new energy energy storage wire harness, which is used on air conditioner fans for cooling. Our company will be rated as a national high-tech enterprise in 2021. The company's products cover a wide range of fields, including industrial wiring harnesses, medical cable assembly and communication wire harness, which are more customized by our compa…

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