Machine Tool Equipment Wiring Harness  

Industrial wiring harness processing is very different from ordinary electronic wiring harness. Industrial wiring harnesses usually have high currents and require extremely high wire materials. When the alternating current passes through the wire, the current will concentrate on the surface of the wire, which will increase the resistance of the wire and increase the power loss. This is the skin effect. The higher the frequency of current or voltage changes, the more significant the skin effect. This custom wiring harness is used in oil and gas valve control cabinets in the petroleum industry, and multiple individual oil and gas valve actuators are implemented through a system to achieve unified management, remote management, quantification and visualization. The cable assembly is used commonly. Our productions cover fiber laser welding, printer wiring harness, weatherproof harness, universal wiring harness and elevator unit wire harness. Custom cable assembly is especially ideal…

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