large diameter 100mm optical glass biconvex lense  

The lenticular lens is mainly used to condense the light from a point light source or transmit an image to other optical systems. Material: K9, BK7, FS, UVFS, CaF₂, ZnSe Diameter:3mm-200mm±0.05mm Center Thickness Tolerance:±0.05mm Lens Alignment Error:≤3min Surface Accuracy:λ/ 10 @ Surface Quality:40/20. 60/40. 80/60 Effective Caliber: 90% Example with BK7 material:These N-BK7 biconvex lenses are available uncoated or with one of five antireflection coatings (-A, -AB, -B, -C, or -D), which reduces the amount of light reflected from each surface of the lens (see the Selection Guide table below for coating option). Since approximately 4% of the incident light is reflected at each surface of an uncoated substrate, the application of an AR coating improves transmission, which is important in low-light applications, and prevents the undesirable effects (e.g., ghost images) associated with multiple reflections. Having optic…


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