High-speed bag cutting machine  

High-speed bag cutting machine Product Usage: The high-speed bag cutting machine is suitable for transverse cutting of roll materials such as non-woven fabrics, gold and silver cardboard, plain rainbow paper, positioning laser transfer paper, white paper, stickers, PVC, PET and other plastic films. High-speed bag cutting machine Features: 1. The computer main control system adopts single-chip microcomputer, man-machine interface operation and dynamic display. 2. The fixed-length control is controlled by a stepping motor system, which has high precision and good stability. 3. The automatic identification photoelectric switch is imported from Japan to ensure cutting accuracy. High-speed bag cutting machine 4. The control method of the whole machine is advanced. The speed of the main machine, stepping motor and feeding motor is controlled by the computer to achieve synchronous operation. It has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast speed, convenient feeding, and neat…

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