european to uk plug adapter  

Type: Europe Standard: DIN VDE 0620-2-1: 2013-03 Approval: VDE, SEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO, IMQ, KEMA, ODE, CEBEC Available Countries (in no particular order): Germany, France, Netherlands, Demark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Republic of Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, etc. Available Cords: H03VV-F3G0.5mm², 16A, 250V H03VV-F3G0.75mm², 16A, 250V H05VV- F3G0.75mm², 16A, 250V H05VV- F3G1.0mm², 16A, 250V H05VV- F3G1.5mm², 16A, 250V H05RR- F3G0.75mm², 16A, 250V H05RR- F3G1.0mm², 16A, 250V H05RR- F3G1.5mm², 16A, 250V H05RN- F3G0.75mm², 16A, 250V H05RN- F3G1.0mm², 16A, 250V H03RT- H3G0.75mm², 16A, 250V H03RT- H3G1.0mm², 16A, 250V H03RT- H3G1.5mm², 16A, 250V H03V2V2-F3G0.5 mm², 16A, 250V H03V2V2-F3G0.75 mm², 16A, 250V H05V2V2-F3G0.75 mm², 16A, 250V H05V2V2-F3G1.0 mm², 16A, 250V H05V2V2-F3G1.5 mm², 16A, 250V

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