Dental Navigator Wiring Harness  

Oral implant surgery navigation system is used for preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance of oral implant surgery. Through the virtual visualization application of 3D medical images, special implant surgery plan planning software is used to design a reasonable implant plan in a 3D simulation environment. Precise infrared optical positioning technology realizes the fusion of surgical instruments, medical images and the spatial position of the human body. During the entire operation, the system presents the patient's anatomy in real time, and monitors the implant site, angle, and depth throughout the entire process, so as to achieve precise implantation.  The application of wire harnesses is very extensive, covering almost every industry field. The relatively large areas include the medical field, industrial field, communications field and new energy field. Among them, in the medical field, we have the production of the defibrillator wire harness; in the…

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