1080P hidden camera glasses  

Kelly is a teacher who has had a trouble recently. One of Kelly's students is very naughty, and even cheated in exams. After being caught cheating by Kelly, she was reluctant to admit that because Kelly did not photograph the evidence, she could not report to the school to punish the naughty student. As a teacher, Kelly is very anxious, especially want to let this child get lost. Kelly confided this matter to her good friend, and her friend laughed and said, this is a trivial matter, and it is easy to solve. I recommend you an artifact - Glasses Camera. A friend introduced that this shape is a pair of glasses, but there is an hidden camera Hd1080p inside. When you wear these glasses to invigilate the exam, as long as there are naughty students who want to cheat, they can be recorded by your glasses. When the exam is over you can copy this image out as evidence and punish your student. This is a very good hidden cameras.

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