100G Non-woven Fabric for Cable Wrapping  

100G Non-woven Fabric for Cable Wrapping Polyester non-woven fabric can be used for cable coating materials, with high strength, good high temperature resistance (can be used for a long time in 150 °C environment), aging resistance, UV resistance, high elongation, good stability and air permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, moth resistance, non-toxic. It is relatively tough to melt or distort even to temperature higher than 180℃. Mass per unit(g/㎡): 100±10 Thickness(mm): 0.18±0.02 Tensile strength(N/cm): ≥56 Elongation(%): ≥10 Short-term stability(℃): 230 Long-term stability(℃): 90 Moisture(%): ≤5

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